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Does Islam Permit Sex Slaves

Does Islam Permit Sex-Slaves?

There was a time that I was pathetically naive to certain verses of the Quran. You see, I would make excuses for Muhammad while I was a Muslim. I was taught a different understanding of the alleged “religion of peace” by my former Muslim brothers and sisters; oh how I was mislead, fooled—deceived.… Continue Reading...

ISIS and Sex Slaves

WARNING: Some may find the following article offensive because it discusses sexual relations between adults and children. Some find this topic distasteful. Proceed at your own risk. Continue Reading...
Women Under Islam from Sources.jpg

Women in Islam: From Islam's Sources

Introduction To hear groups like the Council of American-Islamic Relations or the Islamic Society of North America, Islam holds women in high regard. Indeed, Souad Saleh, a female professor at Al-Ahzar University in Cairo and a vocal proponent of women’s rights in Egypt, recently stated, “Islam is… Continue Reading...