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Taliban 2021 Small
Aug 22, 2021

Taliban Timeline (UPDATED)

*** CONTINUE TO CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES *** Here are a list of articles informing you about the Afghanistan / Taliban situation, beginning on August 15, 2021. Articles are listed in chronological order based on the date and time that the articles were published. Clicking on any of the news headlines… Continue Reading...
Jason Whitlock Dear Black America We Are Being Lied Topng
Jun 28, 2021

Jason Whitlock: Dear Black America, We Are Being Lied To...

Don't let the title fool you. White people need to read this too. After you read it, check out these shows which demolish two other lies: Is Islam the True Religion of the Black Man? Is Christianity the White Man's Religion? "It's a setup. We're being… Continue Reading...
Black Theologian Savages Demonic Ideologies Behind CRT BLM and Antiracism
Jun 19, 2021

Black Theologian Savages 'Demonic' Ideologies Behind CRT, BLM and Antiracism

"CRT and the social justice movement twist traditional religious categories into a means by which to assert power. Characterizing the battles facing the U.S. as fundamentally spiritual, he deftly traces such philosophies to their origin in what he describes as the ‘demonic ideology’ of Karl Marx,…