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CAIR goes out of their way to act buddy-buddy with just about any minority group of any type. After all, if you are part of a minority group, and then your group teams up with many other minority groups, you will eventually overcome the old 'majority' as you become the 'new' majority. At that point, there is no longer a need to continue working with groups who you do not actually like or ever truly agreed with. That is when the other goups finally realize you were just temporarily using them for your own benefit.

Not surprisingly, the West is the only place where you will see these temporary relationships take place between Islamists and non-Muslims, because when a society is under full Shari'ah, the Islamists have no interest in working alongside any minority groups. After all, if a group has complete power, why would they want to give some of it to anyone else?

As this article explains, CAIR is paying 'lip service' to Black History Month in particular, but also to black people in general here in the West. At the same time, more and more people are learning about the 'hidden' Islamic slave trade, that is still taking place today, which is much bigger and more brutal than the Trans-Atlantic slave trade that people commonly learn about in public schools. To learn about the Islamic slave trade and specific examples of Muhammad's racism toward black people found in Islam's primary sources, just click the photo below to watch a show on this very subject.

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