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You may have heard that there are two topics you shouldn't talk about: Religion & Politics

If you think about it, those are actually two of the MOST IMPORTANT topics to talk about, because the former has to do with where you will spend eternity, and the latter can determine the freedoms you have in the mean time.

A perfect example of this is ISLAM, because unlike other man-made religions in the world, Islam is a religio-political system: a religion and a political ideology combined. Case in point, if we wanted to go to Saudi Arabia and build a church building, we couldn't. It's illegal, and therefore we would be breaking the law. Yes, the 'political environment,' shaped by 'religious belief,' would hinder us from building a church, even if we promised to stay inside and keep to ourselves.

So what happens when political-Islamists influence, work with, or ultimately ARE, America's politicians? Millions of Americans need to know the answer to that question, but most of them aren't asking it because they do not realize the threat.

Therefore, in addition to watching this FREE presentation on the Muslim Brotherhood (, be sure to also watch this movie before you cast your next vote. Here is a 90-second trailer: