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Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei inspected military foot drills performed by the IRGC. During the drills, the soldiers sang: "Allah Akbar! Khomeini is our leader!... America, America, death to your deception! The blood of our youth is dripping from your fingers!"

An announcer also said: "We will eliminate the regime of injustice… 'Death to America' is the cry of my life!" The drill included a depiction of the White House with a Star of David on top. The White House was labeled "House of Injustice," and the pillars on the front of the White House were labeled "Corruption," "Racism," "Terrorism," "Axis of Evil," "Hollywood," "Dollar," "ISIS," "Genocide," "War," and "Violence." The drill then depicted the White House being split by a sword, followed by the collapse of the White House and the Star of David. A similar theme appeared in a 2007 marching drill. The foot drills aired on channel 5 of the Iranian TV on October 16, 2018.

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