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The unfortunate predicament for nominal and cultural Muslims:

* Shari'ah is always on the side of the most devout.

* When devout Muslims take power, they label the nominal and cultural Muslims 'non-Muslims,' or even worse, 'apostates.'

* Nominal and cultural Muslims have four choices: 1) stay nominal / cultural and be punished by the devout, 2) leave Islam (when they realize the devout are following 'Islam' according to Muhammad), and then be punished by the devout because they are 'apostates,' 3) act more devout in order to not be punished by the devout, or 4) actually become devout and continue the cycle.

"For 70 years another Christian family, identified as S. and H.K., had resided in the city of Hasakah, northeast Syria, where they lived at peace with their Muslim neighbors. All that changed with the arrival of Islamic State."

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