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Attention all Muslims! This is advice from a CLERIC! Immediately cease and desist from doing da'wa!

British cleric Nahiem Ajmal, also known as Mufti Abu Layth Al-Maliki, was asked during a Q&A session what his first piece of advice would be to Muslims. Ajmal answered that Muslims should stop focusing on bringing new converts to Islam through da'wa and criticized the "da'wa industry" for being run by people with "five minutes of Islam under their belt." Ajmal added that he finds it amazing that anybody converts to Islam given its reputation today. He said that many Muslims today are apostatizing because they're "sick to death of the religion," and that many others are being "chucked out of the religion" through takfir, and that there is no point to converting new people into "this mess" because they are likely to suffer the same fate. Ajmal said that the first focus of Muslims should be to become good people, and that there's nothing in Islam for Muslims, let alone for converts. The video was uploaded to the Internet on November 1, 2018.

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