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2018 7 16 Sheikh Jamil in Kenya

Meet Sheikh Jamil. In Kenya I had a chance to meet the sheikh after my good friend Mike Freese arranged a meeting with him. After some small talk I asked the sheikh, "I understand Muslims have a fear that Christians have misconceptions about Islam. As a Christian I also fear that Muslims have misconceptions about Christianity. Will you tell me what you know about Christianity so that I might clear up any misunderstanding you might have?"

He responded, "I don't know anything about Christianity. Will you please tell me what you believe?"

And with that, the door opened. For the next 90 minutes I had the privilege of sharing the gospel with the sheikh in his own mosque. It doesn't get any better!!

It's all about being respectful and asking probing questions. Make Muslims think about and defend what they believe. More often than not, they cannot. And that leaves a wide open door for the gospel.