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Answering Islams Five Main Objections to Christianity
"The Good News of Jesus is powerful and effective for bringing Muslims to salvation, declared Daniel Massieh of Open the Gates Ministry—and Christians have a responsibility to share Christ openly with Muslims, Daniel continued. In January at the 2011 Calvary Chapel Missions Conference in Murrieta, CA, Daniel shared his testimony of conversion to Christ from Islam and challenged believers to eschew silence about the Gospel in favor of confidence in God. Contrary to many Christians’ expectations, Daniel added, many Muslims are eager to hear the Good News. 'The harvest truly is plentiful,' Daniel said. 'If you can respond to five common Islamic objections to Christianity, you are equipped to lead Muslims to Christ.'

When witnessing to Muslims, Daniel continued, it’s vital to speak clearly, simply, and kindly. 'We cannot attack Muslims when we talk with them. We must speak in love.'"

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