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Omar Tlaib and AOC Demand Facebook Remove 100 of Anti Muslim Content
That's very Sharia of them. This is normal activity for people who are Shills for the Muslim Brotherhood. Learn all you need to know about it by watching this presentation on YouTube or BitChute. And you can learn about the four major areas of American society that are being Islamized by watching, "Lights Out: When Islam Rules America" on YouTube or BitChute as well.

"Two of the most notorious bigots in the House of Representatives signed a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg demanding that he 'eradicate anti-Muslim bigotry from Facebook.'

The three-page letter signed by Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, as well as 28 other left-wing House members, spends a great deal of time demanding the removal of what it calls 'anti-Muslim content' without ever specifically defining it. That's convenient considering Omar and Tlaib's own history of racism and antisemitism, and support for the sorts of Islamic bigotry and violence that groups like CAIR, which supports the letter, have become known for.

The letter spotlights one violent incident, but then goes on to call for a ban on 'anti-Muslim content,' 'anti-Muslim animus,' 'anti-Muslim bigotry,' and finally, 'anti-Muslim content and organizing' on the platform, without ever explaining what exactly they want to ban.

Considering the letter’s call for, '100 percent proactive detection and removal of anti-Muslim content,' the safe assumption would be that they want to ban everything critical of Islam.

That's a disturbing attack on the First Amendment coming from 30 House members."

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