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Landmark Decision Covid Risk will be a Valid Reason for Granting Humanitarian Protections to Rejected Migrants Video

"A controversial Italian court ruled that the Chinese coronavirus risk in a migrant’s home country could be a valid reason for granting 'humanitarian protection' to those otherwise denied asylum. This landmark decision will further open the flood gates to potentially dangerous and contagious migrants.

Italy’s socialist Prime Minister Giuseppe, Soros-funded NGOs and the European Union, have continually flooded the country with economic migrants mainly from Islamic countries who have been shown to be very dangerous people, with values and ambitions that are in staunch opposition to Western values and laws. In 2020, '34,000 migrants arrived by sea, almost as many as the cumulative total for the previous two years.'

Their corrupt government and left-wing courts are so entrenched in their ambition for globalism and unchecked mass migration, that they are willing to disregard their own citizens in order to achieve their agenda. Furthermore, Italian leaders who defend their national borders and try to stop illegal mass migration can end up on trial or in prison like former Italian deputy PM, Matteo Salvini – for attempting to stop illegals from disembarking from an NGO ship which had been smuggling illegals into Europe.

To make matters worse, sick coronavirus migrants are refusing to quarantine, and are fleeing from the overcrowded reception centers. Meanwhile, more and more migrants test positive for coronavirus every day and are putting the lives of native Italians at risk.

With Italy’s native population already shrinking, this latest court ruling which will bring even more economic and often dangerous migrants will also be cultural suicide. Soon it will be Italians who are integrating into the new culture of the migrants."

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