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Trevor Loudon We are Experiencing a Full on Communist Revolution Must See

"For the premier episode of his show Counterpunch, filmmaker and author Trevor Loudon explains that America is in the midst of a revolution. 'When I say ‘Revolution,’ I mean a full-on, socialist, Marxist revolution,' he said.

Loudon’s shocking comments will come at little surprise to savvy readers, many of whom have family who suffered under communism before fleeing to America. Referring to the 2020 presidential election, Loudon states that the events taking place are 'not an accident.'

The revolution is being driven by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), who made it “very, very clear” that they did not want President Trump to be re-elected, Loudon said during the 27 minute broadcast. He explains that the CCP 'deliberately spread' the coronavirus and used the very heavily compromised World Health Organization to encourage massive lock-downs."

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