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CAIRs Program for Bidens First 100 Days

Be sure to watch or listen to episodes 26 & 27 of our TV Show & Podcast to learn what happened and what the plan is. Simply click "Watch" or "Listen" in the menu bar above to find these episodes on multiple platforms, and here are the titles:

#26 - BLM, Islamists, and Red-Green Revolutions
#27 - Fair Election or Fraud Election?

To learn ALL you need to know about CAIR in particular watch, "The Muslim Brotherhood: Origin, Identity, and Agenda." It's available on YouTube, BitChute, and podcast.

"The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has issued an ambitious agenda for the Biden administration’s first 100 days in office. Prominent in the plan is a call for defunding the Department of Homeland Security’s countering violent extremism programs, rejecting any new domestic terrorism statutes and repealing the Trump administration’s travel ban from countries with security concerns."

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