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It's interesting how the West is the one part of the world where you will see Muslims and the LGBT crowd work together, and even march together. Contrast this to parts of the world that are under full Sharia. In those parts of the world, not only do the Muslims not work or march with the LGBT crowd, but they also don't even tolerate them.

We've seen news stories of ISIS blindfolding homosexuals and throwing them off roofs, Indonesian officials caning homosexuals, and this recent news story from Iran is just one more example of how homosexuals and the rest of the American LGBT crowd would be treated if they lived in a country under Sharia, of if Sharia came to America.

Many people are not aware of what Sharia entails, or even how it affects non-Muslims who are living under it. And yes, the differing punishments for homosexuality under different schools of Islamic jurisprudence are explicity mentioned in Islamic law books. To learn what those punishments are, more about Sharia, what life is like for those living under it, and how elements of it are slowing being implemented in different countries throughout the West, watch this high-quality presentation by clicking the photo below.

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