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Yes, that's the suggestion given by an Australian judge yesterday. Would it be great if Muslims throughout the world followed his advice? Of course. But what are the chances that 1.6-billion people are going to turn their back on the 'holy book' that Allah supposedly sent down to the 'perfect man' and 'perfect Muslim' around 1,400 years ago?

Of couse, if you ask the political Islamists, they'll claim that these jihadists are 'misunderstanding' and 'misinterpreting' the eternal word of Allah. But they can't, or to be more precise, they 'don't want to,' explain why so many Muslims in different parts of the world 'misunderstand' and 'misinterpret' their religious book in the exact same way. The fact is, when you study the life of Muhammad, it always lines right up with the 'interpretations' of the jihadists.

Also, unlike most Westerners who don't know how to read the Qur'an chronologically, the most devout Muslims in the world, which includes the jihadists, understand which parts of the Qur'an actually came later and abrogated (or replaced) the 'peaceful' sounding commands that came earlier.

Of course, we have yet another example of why 1.6-billion people need to know and understand the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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